Looking for Readers for Cancer Book Manuscript

Hello BFAC Friends, 

I need your help.  I am near completion of my first book, In Your Corner: A Spouse's Journey When Cancer Strikes Home.  The cover work is finished and done by a professional book cover designer.  This book is me pouring out my heart about what it's like to live with and love a spouse with stage four breast cancer.  It first goes over our story and then deals with all the emotions that I go through and then finally, how I love my wife through it, for better or worse.  The manuscript is being read right now by several licensed therapists that I know.  But I know them.  I am looking for beta readers that I don't know who will tell me what they think.  In particular, I would love to have other men caring for their wives read it.  If you would be interested to join me (and my wife Rebekah) on this journey, please let me know. 

Thank You!  


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Hi Nancy, that would be awesome. Can you email me outside of this blog so that we could talk and I could start by sending you some chapters? I'm at joelhughes63@gmail.com
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