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Writing a Book - Need Your Help

Hello Friends, 

I am working on a book titled "How To Really Help Your Friend Who Has Cancer".  I need your help. After my wife, Rebekah, was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer two years ago, we had some very helpful friends and some not so helpful friends, some even harmful.  Can you share with me some of the things that friends and family did for you that were very helpful and that ministered to you?  They can be very simple things, which usually mean the most.  Can you share with me some of the harmful things that people did or said to you?  Can you tell me about some of your experiences, either good or bad?

Thank you! 

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Oh, and the book is going to be a free ebook for anyone who wants it.
I was initially hospitalized for six weeks doing chemo and recovery. My friends came to my house on the day I was discharged from the hospital. They cleaned and disinfected my bedroom, bathrooms and thoroughly cleaned the livingroom and kitchen. By the time I got home, everyone was gone and my room was spotless.

In the beginning of my illness people from our church brought meals. I wasn't eating much during that time, but my family didn't have to eat another Stouffer's meal for a while.

As far as harmful, there was one person who felt that diet, exercise and supplements were enough to cure diseases. While I was totally incapacitated during my first chemo hospital stay, she came and told me that I needed to drink ox blood and do other things that were supposed to cure my leukemia. I didn't have the energy to debate, but her suggestions were not helpful at that time. The irony is, she now has breast cancer and is slowly deteriorating because she doesn't believe in conventional medicine...
Those are great and helpful. Ox blood? Wow, we thought we have heard it all, but that's a new one. Thank you!
I absolutely adore the buff I got from a friend. It was so much better than the scarves I had made. I wore it all the time. I would also buy a Netflix account for someone who didn't have it. Nexflix and youtube helped me pass through many disgusting hours when I was exhausted from chemo but couldn't sleep. Frozen meals for the family were always helpful. My tastes changed so often that it wasn't worth making anything for me.
Netflix account is a great idea! And the frozen meals too. That would be so great to have a freezer of easy to make meals. Great ideas. Thanks!
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